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I Got Armor

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Have you ever been through a battle so deep you thought you would never get out of it? And then when you got out of it you ended up so much stronger than you were before? It’s almost like the young warrior who goes through learning from his master teacher. He goes through the trainings not understanding what all the basic movements are all about until one day, after all of his frustrations, he discovers he can use those same basic moves to win battles. As if to say, “before I had no weapons and now I got the armor to win.” Take a journey with me as we go deep into the wilderness.

The Comfort Zone

Recently I was listening to a podcast with Dame Dash and Kenyatta. They asked a very common question. The question they asked was “What is the biggest reason people do not succeed in life?” As they continued on, they explained how the number one reason was not fear as most people would suggest. The real number one reason people do not succeed is because they stay stuck in their comfort zone.

Think about it. How many times have you decided to make a major change in your life because you were uncomfortable? People start major protests because they are uncomfortable with the way they are being treated in the justice system. I have even seen people make major come ups from being in broken situations like serving prison time. Once you get to a certain point where you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired then that uncomforting feeling pushes you make strong and fast changes in life.

Comfort In Reverse

Just like being uncomfortable breeds change, it can also breed comfort. Let me explain. Have you ever saw an overweight person complain about being overweight but they are so comfortable with their unhealthy habits that they never change. The same can also be said for people who are stuck in poverty. It’s easy to rely on welfare, crime, and the lottery to make a come up in this world. Some people get so comfortable at relying on these things that it causes them to stay stuck not wanting to do anything better. We all know how these situations usually end up. Either more broke, prison time or an early death.

Sometimes it’s good to do what you have to do in order to pay your bills and feed your family. It’s not a good thing to stay dependent on it though. Making the best out of your life is not always easy but at the end of the day it is always worth it. Laziness never pays off. Neither does doubt and despair. What I have learned over the last 10 years of my life is that there’s always a way out of hopeless situations if you continue looking for solutions. Until you take your last breath it is absolutely worth it to your family, your friends, your community and especially yourself to keep striving for a better life.


Don’t get me wrong. It’s easier said than done to make major changes in your life. Most people lack the discipline and the patience to stick with a long term plan. Like I always remind myself, what will be the outcome of my life if I do not put in the effort to make things happen. What are the consequences of what can happen if you don’t chase after that dream job? Think about how it will effect your future if you settle for a lifestyle that you absolutely hate. What about the impact it’ll have on your family 10 years down the road?

The one thing people say about life is, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. This is obvious. The main thing that keeps most successful people going is the hope of “what if.” Not only that, if you’re still alive to read this post today, tomorrow seems to always come no matter how messed up you think the world is. Think about it.




“I Got Armor”

Please excuse me cause I got to take this next couple of minutes

To explain how the Lord took my life over and flipped it

I was so weak but now I’m mighty and I’m gifted

I was down and he lifted me up, praise the lord above!

And now I’m full of faith and I’m so confident

There was so many days, months, and years I felt I was out of it

The devil had my mind wrapped up like anacondas around my neck

And I dug myself so deep down in a hole hells fire made me sweat

I was under a spell and I don’t even know nobody who does voodoo

I was runnin’ through the train track tunnel wit’ the light comin’ straight towards me like


Imagine tryna cross a highway on foot.. in extremely heavy traffic

Like you try to make the situation magic knowin’ that it’s gonna end up so tragic

I was into all the things that would define and break a fool

Until the Holy Spirit showed me that I’m so unbreakable

Whatever plot you got Satan.. bring it times four

Cause God equipped me with the best, now I’m ready for war


Since I put him before everything, everything has changed

As long as I move forward things will never be the same

Had to change my ways.. and switch my whole game

To him I give the praise… God is His name


I got armor

Ready for any battle that’s comin’

I got armor

I’m goin’ through the storm, I ain’t runnin’

I got armor

Ready for any battle that’s comin’

I got armor

I’m goin’ through the storm, I ain’t runnin’

Long long time I was down and out

Didn’t even know what love was about

Til I hit rock bottom and I said God help me He gave me the power to knock Satan out

I got armor

Ready for any battle that’s comin’

I got armor

I’m goin’ through the storm, I ain’t runnin’



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