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Starve Your Enemies

Let me reassure you that Starve Your Enemies is not about hating anyone. It is not about being left on an island with a piece of bread and two people all starving to death, your friend before you and your enemy behind you, making a choice on who to feed. This is more about focus and attention than anything else. Lets connect on a deeper level of understanding.

Here in 2018 I am working to adopt the mindset of only giving my attention to the things that are moving me forward. It disturbs me when I see people who are stuck in the grips of things they can do absolutely nothing about. What’s even worse is when people are constantly complaining about things they are not willing to make any real effort to try an change what’s making them unhappy.


About Yesterday

Due to recent events of a certain clothing company pulling a stunt that was very questionable to most people, I have been able to reassess my whole mindset. One thing I’ve witnessed is the common thing to do. When under attack it’s very natural to retaliate with anger towards the attacker. For example, the incident that happened yesterday, most people were throwing shade at the company who committed the act. People were shaming the company left and right. At the same time, it may have drew more attention to the company rather than to the act.

Many people were talking about boycotting the company, which in my opinion does nothing but draw more attention to the company. Think about the effects controversy has on basically everything. The current president didn’t get elected by his political skills. It was controversy. OJ Simpson hasn’t played football in decades but he’s still more famous than most players in the league today. It’s controversy. Controversy sells!

Rapper and activist, David Banner said something online that was very intriguing to me. He said, “I don’t get it? Once they show their hand, why keep stuffing cash in it?”


A Mindset Shift

The brilliant thing that I saw happen yesterday was people turning a negative thing into a positive thing. Pictures were being posted of the young man with positive affirmations written on his shirt. In my opinion, I think it is best to transfer negative energy to a positive form instead of only focusing on that negative energy. As history continues to prove, everything you give your attention to becomes more.

It’s so natural to want to attack something that comes against you. Let’s look at an example. If a teenager gets called stupid by his friends in school, he will use most of his energies to prove why he is not stupid rather than focusing on why he is smart. By focusing on why he is not stupid, it still puts all of the attention on him being stupid rather than him being the opposite.

I think the same thing goes in relationships as well. When a lover tells their significant other that they aren’t enough in the relationship, the one who is accused usually spends their energies fighting against the accusation. This usually causes more tensions and eventually a breakup soon follows. What do you think would happen if the accused only focused on getting the results they want instead of fighting against what they do not want? The relationship has a greater chance of getting stronger. At the very least, that person will find someone who is a better fit for them.


Oblivious To Insults

People always feel like they have to respond no matter what. Always want to prove our worth and defend our ego. It’s like everyone identifies how they feel by what they get back from other people. The problem with that is, the people we look for validation from aren’t reliable sources. Let’s ask the real question, what do you do when your beliefs work against you?

One person I admire in history is Harriet Tubman. What do you think it took for her to stand out from the other slaves and lead so many to freedom? She had to have had a mindset of freedom rather than a mindset of “oh woe is me.” I’m pretty sure her struggle with being a slave lead her to think about nothing but freedom. Think about how powerful that is. Everyone around you is talking about their issues and their fears. At the same time, you have the audacity to believe that you can, not only free yourself, but also free several hundred slaves. WOW!



In the words of Abraham Hicks, “When you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want.” People put more emphasis on the unwanted rather than the wanted. Don’t let that negative energy suck you in and consume you. Instead, focus more on what you want and watch how things change in your life.

Energy is a real thing and I’m only speaking from experience. It can tell you how someone else is feeling based on their response. Energy can also tell you who you should and shouldn’t associate yourself with. Some might say that your positive energy can turn someone’s negative energy into positive energy, and vice versa.

When I say Starve Your Enemies, I simply mean to take your attention away from the things that you don’t want and focus more on the things that you do want. Luckily, attitude is something we all can control. I only speak on these things because it is working for me. I have been focusing on freedom from all things that hinder me. Slowly but surely I believe I am learning to live my purpose. I’m just hoping some of these methods work for you as well. 🙂









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