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SB #NF4 Review

Before I begin, I just want you to know that I listened to this soundtrack 4 times before I decided to give any kind of opinion on it. Not only that, I dug into the archives. Yeah that’s right. I listened deeply to No Feelings 1, 2, and 3. No worries, I will do my very best not to compare the 4 projects. Overall, I will give you my most humble opinion to shed light on this talented individual known as SB on this #NF4 Review.

First Of All

I knew this guy was up on something when I first saw him. He was handing out CDs at the annual parade in Easton, MD about 10 years ago. Yes, the man has been on his grind for some time now. I didn’t know who he was then, but it seemed a lot of people respected him. After asking questions about him, I soon found out exactly who he was and who his peoples were.

Let’s fast forward a bit. I can remember dropping a freestyle over the “Wake Up” beat by Missy Elliott and Jay Z. Out of nowhere, SB had shared the song on Facebook saying something like “I don’t know who this kid is but this is HOT!” This was before we were friends on Facebook. SB doesn’t even know how much he inspired me to keep doing what I’m doing. The fact is, I’ve looked up to him ever since I saw him doing his thing at the parade that day. As time moved on, I have seen nothing but growth in this man.


No Feelings?

This is a soundtrack I couldn’t help but listen to over and over again. SB has the type of flow that hits hard and expresses his deepest emotions. I have no clue why he calls his project “No Feelings.” I mean, after listening to his last 4 projects, all I could do was feel his stories.

Let’s keep in mind, his first episode of “No Feelings” seemed more of like an introduction in my eyes. Like I said, I had to listen to the whole chronicles before I expressed my opinion. There’s a totally different vibe from #NF1 to #NF2. It seemed like he transformed from a Peterbuilt truck to Optimus Prime between the projects. In #NF2 there were funny skits, vivid stories, and a harder beat and flow selection. The evolution of SB was very prevalent.

In #NF3 he brought more of his lyrical assassination to the table. Yes, this guy can absolutely rap his ass off. One thing that captured me in #NF3 were stories like “Charlie’s Story pt 2.” In my opinion, story tellers are the absolute best when it comes to music, and SB definitely has that aspect in his arsenal.

#NF2 also had some really good stories. “Where My Dad’s At” is one of my favorites as well. Not having my father in my life, I could definitely relate to this story. SB paints more of a picture of How would you feel if I wasn’t here anymore? Something I’m sure most people have felt at some point in their life.

Like I said, I won’t do too much comparing. I just want to give you a vivid look at what SB has accomplished with his “No Feelings” campaign. His message is simple. A young black man with dope boy ambitions yet manages to rise above the streets to succeed in life. So without further ado…


Let’s Review #NF4

The intro to this project is very original. The skit has a genius to it based on the line the guy says. “I hope SB doesn’t stand for ‘some bullshit.'” I couldn’t help but laugh at it.

Following the intro is a heavy hitter called “BumNs.” Here he exercises his slow flow and sends a solid message. I can see it as a wake up call to people who are stuck in unproductive lanes. The beat is straight hip hop with a boom bap style. The genius of the song was at the end with a continuation from the intro skit. The guy says “That wasn’t some bullshit, that was some real shit.”

One of my favorite songs on this project is “Ross Flow.” The beat is something I would absolutely expect from Rick Ross. If you know him then you know how hard his beats bang. I wouldn’t say SB duplicated Ross’s flow, but he definitely added his own flavor to it by expressing his passion for the hip hop game, his team, and his position in life. I had to listen to that track on repeat.

One of the stories that stood out to me was when he was talking about raising his daughter in “Daddy’s Lil Girl.” From the beginning of the song, you can hear the pain in the track. It paints the picture of the challenges of a father raising a beautiful daughter. I think this will capture any girls heart.

There are definitely some nice features on this soundtrack. Hots definitely has some ILL vocals on “630 Race.” Beck complimented “Our Year” with his boss swag. All of the skits were entertaining and kept me on the edge of my seat. Shout out to Fatboy. Cashova also added a hot verse on “Afraid.” And after hearing “Aboutchu” featuring Lashaunda, I couldn’t help but think this song was about the one who got away.


If you’re looking for an album with hot hip hop beats, good vibes, vivid stories, and good quality then #NF4 is what you need to be listening to. What really surprised me is how SB adds a lot of harmony to his music. There was none in #NF1. Things began to progress as time went on. I think #NF4 hits on all cylinders. “IssaVibe” is another one of my favorite songs on this project. I can hear this song on the radio forreal.

The adlibs bring out every track in it’s own unique way. The production is excellent. Sometimes SB reminds me of J Cole with his harmonies. #NF4 is very versatile and SB’s personality shines bright on this project. If I had to choose which “No Feelings” project is his best then I’d have to say it’s a tie between #NF2 and #NF4. The last thing I will say is, PROTECT YOUR NECK! I can tell SB was definitely thinking about his audience for this project.

Click the picture below to hear #NF4





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