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When God Says YES!

One major thing I’ll take from my 2017 experience is this: When God says YES! There is nothing in this world that can stop the favor that comes your way. Now, I won’t get too religious on you here. I will however give you a few personal examples of what it means to walk in absolute faith.

At the beginning of this year I began to write out my goals and what I wanted to achieve by the end of 2017. Something I’ve never done before was stay goal oriented. The miraculous thing that I’ve seen was how everything began to manifest slowly amid many trials and tribulations.

Attitude of Gratitude

I can remember I used to be the type of guy who would complain about every little thing. Especially about the things that were way out of my control. The one thing I’ve realized about most complaining people is that they’re too busy complaining to ever look for any type of solution.

At the beginning of 2016, I met a guy who would later become my mentor. He was a very smart, outgoing, and charismatic guy who was on a mission to spread his entrepreneurial skills all over the world. In 2017 we’ve gotten even closer. This lead to me creating and following through on my first yearly mission. He also inspired me to publish my first book in the fall of this year. But even way before then, he taught me what it is like to live a life full of gratitude.

I have always been grateful for things such as my family and the good things that happen to me. What I didn’t know before this year was that I could be grateful for the small things as well. Something as small as having sight to see and ears to hear are things most people take for granted every day. I began writing these things down every single day throughout the year and so much magic has been happening in my world.

World of Abundance

In addition to gratitude, he also taught me a lot about having a mindset of abundance. I had always thought this word only applied to rich people. This year, I found out that rich was a state of mind. Along with counting my blessings I began to use my imagination to visualize having an overflow of blessings.

This process lead to me contributing to speaking engagements at least once a month. I have been invited to perform in fashion shows. Some people who are truly making a difference on the Eastern Shore wanted to collaborate with me. This also lead to building some priceless friendships throughout the year. I also have traveled to California twice this year and once to Las Vegas.

No, I don’t tell you these things to boast nor bag. I tell you because there is so much power in changing your mindset!

Romans 12:2

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, 
pleasing and perfect will."

Notice it doesn’t say “stay stuck in your old, destructive mindset and you will know god.” It talks about renewing your mind then knowing God’s goodness. In my opinion this relates to going from a complaining mindset to a mindset of abundance. As mentioned earlier, I have had many blessings happen to me early this year but I haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

Before having a mindset of abundance, I had a fear of spending money complex. Since I have changed my thinking, I have made more money this year than I ever have in my life. I have been able to pay off my first car note. My bills have been caught up. I am almost completely out of debt. Not to mention I have had extra money to be able to give away to others.

I have heard people say that in order to receive, you have to give. I can see this mindset relating to the mindset of abundance as well. In my experience, when I think I will always get back what I give away then what I give away always multiplies back to me. I don’t totally understand the power of God. But I do know that your mindset definitely has a lot to do with how He shows up in your life.

Minor Setbacks

What I don’t usually tell people about are the setbacks that happen to me. If I tell you about the bad things that have happened to me this year, you’re probably going to wonder why I am still so joyful. I only have one answer. Because I am grateful for everything knowing that I will always be in position to come up as long as I live.

Thousands of dollars have been taken from me. Many people have come against me who I thought were for me. My name has been slandered repeatedly. Had a few run ins with the police. I got into two car crashes in less than a month and neither were my fault. And I also ended up losing my job after almost two years.

That would be enough for any man to go on a drinking binge. But no. There is still so much good that came out of it all and I can only thank God.

Major Comeback

Although all of these unfortunate things have happened to me, there were still so many good things that happened that totally outweigh the bad.

Although my money was taken, I still made a whole lot more than I ever have. Even though I had run ins with the law, I still managed to stay out of jail for the last 5 years. Although I have lost my job, I still managed to create multiple sources of income that keeps money in my pocket. The funny thing is, I probably wrote all of these things into existence.

Like I said earlier, I began writing goals and plans at the beginning of this year. Here are a few that I will share with you. By the end of 2017 I wanted to be debt free. I wanted to be able to quit my job and replace it’s income. I wanted to travel the world. And I also wanted to be driving a white Porsche. Do you see the connection here?


There are people every single day who hear their gut instinct and ignore them every day. Whether it’s telling you to get out of a bad relationship. Telling you to leave that dead end job and go do your own thing. Could be telling you to get rid of toxic friendships. It might be telling you to give money you think you don’t have. Whatever the case, just know that there is definitely a divine force in this world that is making a way for everyone who taps into that source.

When God says YES, there is nothing that can get in the way of that power. Not jail time. No car crashes. Not losing your job. No criticism. Not losing your money. Not even your own fears. When you begin to appreciate the good things in your life, knowing good things are bound to happen to you, things change. 

My old counselor use to tell me “Where your mind goes, your ass will follow.” I thought this was just some cheap metaphor to get me to change my bad ways. Now, I am a living witness to the power of a renewed mind. I can only imagine what 2018 has in store for any person who develops a mindset of gratitude and abundance.





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