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The reason why I say “Self Love Is Everything” is because there are so many people who do not understand the true meaning of self worth and self value. Just look at all of the people who suffer from depression and not being able to accept themselves. Studies show how depression leads to a variety of incidents where people lose their lives irrationally. I am working to help people understand what it means to build confidence, accept yourself, and to love other people. I think that self love contributes to harmony and peace which ultimately makes the world a better place. If you truly know what it means to love and respect yourself, you’ll be more likely to spread those good vibes wherever you go.

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Now available is my brand new book “I Think I Hate My Mom?: The Growth of a Mama’s Boy.” This book is about the disconnect between young men and their fathers. It will also give you a better understanding of how growing up without an unconditionally loving father in the home causes a lot of issues in society between men and women. Click on the book cover for place your order now!

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Taj Alex presents: The Creator’s Voice Podcast Show

This podcast show is about seeing people as the true creators they are. It gives you insight on the wins, losses and prosperities of other people’s viewpoints.